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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Creative Writing - "What Kind Of Good"

Ohh! My what kind of Good?

I can't believe how so booming.
I'm so hooked on those little soft curves.
Your's a real feminine, delicate, and sexy body.
Your beauty is so fine you blowing my mind.
Hooked on the most powerful of drug, your love.
Just one look and Bet! 'Cause it's true.

Love. Now I can't stand to be without your love or you.
The strangers, all my friends, and my loving family.
None can say I ain't thinking about you.
Shh...'cause, All I can see is you. You and Me,
Tight as all Hell, Just like my family.
My favored clillin, my most closest kin.
You See You be looking that kinda good to me.

Yours, Faithfully and Unconditionally.
I'm just as a thief in the night trying desperately,
hard to steal your heart away, With your heart,
I'm not the man I was yesterday.
I'm so much more. I'll have what ever it is I really need.
Making it a much better and lovely day.
I'm Just Yours, An Emerging Freelance Artist
- Samuel F. Campbell

Mr. Samuel F. Campbell
Your Emerging Freelance Artist
Harmonicas & Acoustic Guitar Soloist & Grand Piano Soloist
• Dramatic Musical Instrumental Interpretations
• Hand Drawings
• Acrylic Paintings
• Oil Paintings
• IBM Computer Graphics

October 7, 2010 2:31 PM

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