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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day By Day - Samuel F. Campbell (Cover) 2-22-2011

Samuel F. Campbell For Life, Yours!:*) Unconditionally
Mr.Samuel F. Campbell An Emerging Freelance Artist Memphis Tn 38111

My Two Lovely Daughters after a thirty year separation in Anchorage Alaska on their way to see me hear in Memphis TN

Me on Guitar lately:
Day By Day - Samuel F. Campbell (Cover) 2-22-2011

I'm hoping to look into some New-age Marketing and Networking groups. I need a income as of now. I have no need to even file taxes. With lovley daughters like these. Things can get odder than usual and odd is pretty usual these days.

Sam - There come a time in every young man's life he's gonna have to admit to himself he ain't a young man any longer. Hopefully he will have committed to heart the ways of the righteousness and the conflict with the wrong and negative. He'll concentrate on spending his time in the efforts to open his mind and shed the light of the fact he has accepted the gift of grace and in receiving the graces gifted to us by God He walks with steps that are new He will see with eyes that are open and think with open thoughts and prayers!:*)

Day by Day by the Fifth Dimension


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